Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drew's 7 Month Update

Okay...before we get started..I can't believe we are already at 7 months! With all our back n forth from MD and PA I missed place your milestone stickers and will be ordering new ones!! Oh darn! Soon as I get them I will snap away!

*Sitting up and playing with your toys all the time... You are already needing me less and less.. :(

*Down to 4 bottles a day..

*Eating one big meal between feedings in the evening.

*Avocado, Butternut Squash, Prunes, Apples, bananas and sweet potatoes to add to your list of items! Eating much better this month, as it is staying in your mouth!

*When we go out to eat you want to eat too! You are definitely picking up on stuff... you smart cookie you!

*Nap time...well it's a bit harder to get you down for them lately.. and when you don't want your pacifier you really let us know it!

* Sleeping through the night.. can't complain there.

*Right before bed...after your bath you are in my arms..relaxed...we look at each other and you start to giggle..cute little grin. Id love to know what you are thinking!

*We are taking less walks because of the oooh so cold weather! its sad..

*Took you to the mall for the first time and you started to cry.. We are assuming it's from the loud noises.. after a few minutes of loving you....everything was okay once again in the world! It was funny to watch Daddy push your stroller in the mall.. i must say.. :)

*wearing size 6-9, 9 month clothing.

*Size 3 diapers..

*Whenever you topple over while automatically roll on your belly...

*We can never keep socks or shoes on your feet!!!

We had 7 month pictures done the other day. Ohh it was fun..and you did soo good! Below is a sneak peek that the photographer sent us!! We also had family pictures taken with Daddy's family.

This month has been a blast with you! Now that you are sitting up all by yourself..we are able to do a lot more!

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