Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Fun!

Well, I have no idea what happened but I swear Drew grew 5 inches and 5lbs over night... I looked at him this morning and couldn't believe how big he was! 
Ugh..he is growing up way to fast.  

The other day I looked in my Parent's backyard to find gorgeous red leaves naturally I ran for my camera and bundled up Andrew and headed for those leaves! He was so mesmerized by the leaves it was like nearly impossible to have him look up. I was lucky to get one good shot! The kid moves super fast these days...

I had to capture those big cheeks!

I love how he is first, holding the leaf...and then looking at it!

Those red leaves were sooo beautiful!

Last month we arranged to have some pictures taken with Mr. Southbays side of the family. We decided to all wear navy, dark purple and grey.. I think they turned out great!

I'm glad I brought some pumpkins along..added a nice pop of color!

I couldn't believe I found a purple/navy shirt for Andrew over at the Gap!

Getting family photos done are sooo oober important to me! 
You can imagine how many pictures we have in our house :)

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