Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy & Andrew

We have done what we can to prepare for Sandy... ugh! I'm praying we do not lose electric. I'm trying to be optimistic but that only goes so far! Wishing we lived closer to family so we can all be together...keep each other company. 

I feel so bad for the kiddos that have been looking forward to trick or treat night on Wednesday...The rain may ruin the night :( We were soo looking forward to handing out candy as well! We haven't lived in a neighborhood in a long time that participates in trick or treat..and there are  TON of kids around here!

Here are a few pictures of Andrew in his costume!

I'm learning to use my camera...but still need to learn Photoshop... So I can edit the pictures..

I created a card over on Shutterfly..and they turned out so perfect!I had about 15 made and shipped them off to family.. I can't wait to make our Christmas cards!

So fingers crossed the flooding is minimal..and we keep power! We already have a mini stream in our backyard. It's been funny trying to get Kingston (our pup) to go out and do his duty! He wants nothing to do with all this rain.   

Stay safe my East Coast family!

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