Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Time!

We were sooo excited to take Andrew to the beach! The first time seeing the ocean.. putting his toes in the sand! The seagulls flying by... We hopped on a plane two hours south to Jacksonville Beach Florida to visit a friend who lives 100 feet from the beach :) 

There were a lot of firsts on this trip... First airplane ride...first time flying with a ton of stuff (stroller, carseat, baby, suitcases..). But we survived! Learned a lot ... and had a ton of fun! We wanted to take a mini vacation to allow us to have a good idea of what to expect with Andrew and well..us too!  

Soon as we arrived... we grabbed some food to eat and headed down to the beach for an evening walk. The weather was perfect! 

Standing in the ocean for the first time!

First official day on the beach! It was windy...and hot! 
All Andrew wanted to do was push the cart..all over the beach. 

We took turns walking with him...needless to say..he slept great every night...even with two naps!

It kinda worked!  Saw a pic like this below on Pinterest...

Andrew is all about giving hugs and kisses right now...and we are soaking it up!

That is our friends pup Dolly..the sweetest lil thing ever !

I have a gazillion more pictures I could share..but this is enough :) Andrew is walking soo much more! Taking more chances... attempting to clap his hands while standing.. it's really too cute.. We learned a lot on this trip..and are excited for more trips to come!


  1. He looks so happy! That's great his first trip to the beach went well! I love that you'll travel with him more! We can't wait to travel with Ava and of course, take her to the beach! :)