Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake Smash Turning 1

Andrew was lucky to have two cake smash sessions! But wow, are they messy!!! :) Nonetheless, they are a ton of fun! We finally got all our pictures back from the photographer. I decided to go with a superhero theme! 

A= Andrew :)

Katie from Katie Cakes Cakery created this delicious masterpiece!  
It was exactly what I wanted!

Yes, I went to Hobby Lobby and created this one of a kind cape & wrist bands! No sewing involved..just some sticky velcro and glue!

Yes, he is wearing Honest Diapers in the comic hero themed design :)

So, he didn't get toooo messy! But he had a good time :)  I love the pictures !! And, I'm so proud of myself for making his costume! Everything looked great together!! The balloons were a last minute thought..literally as we are driving on the way to the photo shoot...and I'm soo glad we did!

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