Monday, June 3, 2013

1st Haircut!!

On Saturday, we finally caved and Andrew had his very first haircut! I located the most perfect place to take care of my lil boy!  I think the pictures speak for them-self!

Hanging out and playing till it was his turn!

Yay! He loved sitting on Thomas the Train!

Throw on the cape!

Watching Elmo.. yes this place had it all!

Then, it took a turn for the worse!

Ohhh Lolipop!!! This tastes good!

Nope, still not happy!

Yay! We are done!! We survived :) He loved getting a balloon!! I loved getting a certificate :) He looks like a lil Man now! Where did my baby go?


  1. Aw how sweet! That placed looked great, how sweet they gave you a balloon and certificate!