Monday, February 6, 2012

End of Week Ramblings..

**Not sure why this post is showing on Monday, It is a Friday post!**

First things first, Picture of the Day- Hands .   Oh boy..... I am in major need of a manicure! I've been putting it off because of all the unpacking we have been doing.. My goal is to go tomorrow while we are back up in PA visiting family. So, since I just can't share a pic of my own hand! Check out my friend's new nail job...its perrty!

Well, it has been officially 7 days since we walked through the doors of our new pad! We hit it hard with the unpacking this past weekend when my Parents were in town, but since then I have been moving very slow... I have low motivation!  Here are some pictures of moving day! Our garage is loaded with cardboard boxes!

We scored an end unit town home in a brand new development. We only share 1 wall... can you believe it! We have never lived in such a new home... its about 8 months old!  Here are some pictures of the outside. Mr. Southbay is excited about having to mow come spring. It will probably take about 15 minutes to mow everything..but he is happy about that!

Can you see the pups hanging out...?

An up close shot! They were LOVING the sun!

This is what it looks like looking out back....NOTHING!!! :) Yes, I'm ready for Spring time and signs of life in the trees!!

Today, I had my first appointment with my third OB office. I was very nervous after hearing mixed reviews about the office and hospital... But, I was pleasantly surprised and the Nurse Practitioner who I met with this morning spent a lot of time with me... and allowed me PLENTY of time to ask questions.  We heard Little Darling's heartbeat and I measure right on to 31 weeks! YAY! 

Tonight we are heading back up to PA to assist with making some favors for my baby shower!! yes, I can't give 100% control over to my party planner Mother :)  We also plan on asking two special people to be our baby's Godparents! Then back down on Sunday. It certainly beats hopping on a plane! Much cheaper too!

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. Love the new place! So nice! I bet you two are going to really enjoy it there. Your hubby is too cute about mowing. I love mowing the grass too! haha