Sunday, February 5, 2012

Darling's 31st Week Update

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Little Darling's Size: A pineapple in size! OMG!  He has all 5 senses!!  He's about 15.2 to 16.7 inches long!
Countdown: 63 days to go!!  

Clothing: Getting too big for some of my non-maternity dresses...
What I Miss: Feeling sexy!  

Cravings: I was really craving a beer lately...I still am..but sides that.. Nothing to crazy!
Exercising:  Walking... and just staying busy with unpacking... I look forward to just sitting on the couch!
Symptoms:Shortness of breath.. I really felt this today!  ...and definite increase use of the bathroom :) My legs at night...get tight and cramp up. I also feel like I'm getting restless leg syndrome! Mr. Southbay helps me stretch which makes it feel soo much better!

Total Weight Gain: I didn't gain any weight this past week according to the new OB's scale.. I only weighed in 139.. hmmmm.... maybe all the stress of moving?
Gender: ITS A LITTLE MAN!!!! We decided to keep his name a secret till the day of his birth!

Sleep: besides last night (total disaster) I've been doing "ok" in the sleeping department!

Movement:  ALL THE TIME! My OB said, he will be moving a ton right now.

On a Positive Note: My Baby Shower is in one week! I am super excited to see all my friends and family! It was so nice to be able to simply drive home this past weekend to see family. So much easier than flying! Today, Mr. Southbay and I asked two special Ladies from our church to be our child's Godmothers! More on this later!

A Message To Our Darling- Oh, I have so much to do before you get here! So no early arrivals okay! I believe your Gigi is coming down two weeks to help me set up everything and make last minute purchases.

Picture of the Day!
A Stranger.. 
YIKES, I need to get one asap!

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  1. Awe, so happy for you, I'm expecting mine in the next few weeks! Its been a long road and I miss feeling sexy too but I've made the most of it and enjoyed the challenge of dressing my belly. Have fun at your baby shower...I loved every minute of mine and I know you will too!

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