Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting Ready Baby!

I have really been taking my time putting together the nursery...  Etsy has been a great place to find some unique pieces too! Once I find something I really like I tend to sit on it for at least two weeks then if I still really like it I go ahead an click BUY :) Here are a couple of my recent purchases thanks to Etsy..

A bedtime prayer print by Enduring Arts...

A changing pad cover, in aquamarine, by Little Owls Nest.

I snatched up a couple of these teal storage baskets from Lowes..which sit perfectly in the bookcase shelves. 

I just wanted to get a couple of pieces in the room with this "teal" color...
Oh, our latest baby purchase... We decided to upgrade Mr. Southbay's car....

He purchased his baby brand new right after graduating college! It has treated him sooo good since 2003! Especially with all of his driving back and forth for work in California.. Paint peeling from the desert heat too...So, when we learned about our Little Darling..we figured it may just be time to say goodbye and upgrade to a safer/bigger car.  My car is fine and in great shape!  Though, doesn't allow for much a stroller & bags! Also, I feel much safer in a bigger car with our Little Darling in tow.. Especially when we travel up to PA to visit family. Last night we said goodbye to his cavalier and said HELLO to our new friend! Yes, Mr. Southbay was a bit emotional....  :(

This pic was taken early this morning..before the rain started! 6:45am :)

 We decided to go with a Ford Edge...Anytime you make a big purchase you hope and pray it was a good one! So far...we LOVE it! I'm excited to take it up to PA this weekend...and really try it out!

So, yes it has been a bit overwhelming..all of these changes occurring... doctors... but overall I think we are doing our best! Some days are better than others for sure..but I remind myself how grateful I am for everything we have...our Health..our Love..our Commitment!

In a year, I can't wait to look back and see how much more our lives have changed..!! 

It's Leap Day too!


  1. The nursery looks great!

    You are going to be so happy you have an SUV with a baby and all the gear you need with them, especially while traveling!

    We want 1 or 2 more kids and my husband wants to get a minivan. I don't think I can do it! I drive a NIssan Rogue now, and we def need something with more room before the next baby, but I want a big tank SUV lol

  2. Love the etsy finds! I just ordered some striped straws for our bar from etsy! I love the variety the site offers and that I know I'm helping out small businesses.

    The new car looks great! Must feel so nice to be driving around in a new ride! ;) We're looking at getting a truck or suv for Daniel. I'm leaning more towards a small'ish suv.

    Y'all are going through so many changes all at once. Be sure to take time for yourselves especially before the baby comes. Get in some date nights! :)