Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Stroller!

After tons of research and talking to tons of Mommas... even stopping them in their tracks in the stores :) We decided to give the Britax B-Ready Stroller a shot! 

It was very easy to put together..and if something isn't easy to remove or attach then you are definitely doing it wrong! It should be completely effortless when attempting anything on this stroller! Below is a picture with the car-seat attached!

This particular stroller can hold up to two children so if we do decide to have another we will be ready!

Here are two pictures of our actual stroller chilling in our house!


This is the exact Britax B-Safe car-seat we went with..I really like the design.

Next week we have an appointment to get our car-seat officially checked to see if it's securely fastened in our car! It will be so weird yet exciting to see this seat in my car! As a precaution we did purchase a car-seat protector..it will look something like this. We went with Prince Lion Heart brand.. hopefully to protect the leather in both of our cars..Worth a shot! They come in a black and taupe color.

We have 42 days to go!!!

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  1. Yey! So exciting. I bet it feels so surreal having that baby stuff in your house! :) I've heard nothing but great things about that stroller and I plan to get it when we're expecting too.