Monday, February 27, 2012

Photo A Day Challenge

Yes, it is definitely a "challenge!"

Feb 18-My Drink
The $1.00 any size drink! I get an unsweetened ice tea! I'm addicted!!!

Feb 19- Something I hate to do! 
UNPACK! It never ends.. seriously..

Feb 20- Handwriting
It seems to change a lot..depending on my mood :) As I was unpacking I came across a letter that I mailed to Mr. Southbay several years ago when we were living on opposite coasts! Here is a snippet!

Feb 21- A favorite picture of myself!  
This was one of our Forever After pictures taken in Malibu! I love this pic of me! Just cut off my hair...been married about 2 was so much fun putting on that dress again!

Feb 22- Where you work. I'm currently unemployed! I am an Occupational Therapist who primarily works wish older adults/geriatric population. Till my new job officially begins, being a Mom :) I am unpacking, and running tons of errands ..everything you have to do when you move across country! It has been so stressful...and now I learn Mr. Southbay's car..his registration expires at the end of the month! It never ends...

Feb 23- Your Shoes
My favorite flip Coach. I LOVE these shoes!

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  1. I learn something new about you just about everytime I visit your blog! ha. I didn't know you were/are an occupational therapist! Very nice. You're going to LOVE your new job as a mommy I bet! :)

    p.s. I'm addicted to unsweet iced tea too! haven't tried McDonalds' tea though. Not a bad price!