Monday, January 16, 2012

My Birthday Trip!

So, very last minute I headed back to LA for a quick visit!! I was sooo freaking happy!!! Especially since it was my birthday weekend!

First line of business...FOOD! Oh, how I missed all the food that LA has to offer! My favorite cafe/restaurant in Manhattan Beach is probably Le Pain Quotidien!

For breakfast...Organic Whole Wheat french toast with sliced strawberries with agave syrup.

Lunch, Organic Grilled Chicken & Smoked Mozzarella with arugula and basil pesto! Yes, they threw in some pickles just for moi!

I spent tons of time with my friend Natalie... ever meet someone and just hit it off? She is it! I wish I could bring her back with me!!!! I will miss her dearly.. Here is a pic of us at our other favorite spot, Mediterraneo in Hermosa Beach. I think we were there for over 2 hours..just chatting away!

Like I mentioned before, Mr. Southbay took me to a Lakers game on Friday night... It was a TON.OF.FUN! It was also something much needed for the both of us.. Our life's lately have been hectic with packing, moving, house hunting, flying, long distance, new job, packing and preparing for our Little Darling. We definitely enjoyed ourselves at the game .... tons of laughing and snuggling was also included! I just remember laying down that night....with a big smile on my face feeling so happy....and blessed. Besides the game, my other favorite part was shopping for our Little Darling..!! We snatched up some bibs and booties!

It wasn't easy leaving again...especially without Mr. Southbay..he stayed another day for the movers to come and whisk away our belongings...with that said I am however looking forward to moving into our new place! We are renting for now and snatched up an end unit townhouse. Its brand new! Not sure if we ever lived in anything so nice before.. Especially living in LA...nothing is new unless you have a million dollars :)  I will share pictures soon as we move in! February 1st!!!!

Ha, me at LAX with a ton of luggage! Starbucks in hand...  :)

Always bittersweet! And...another chapter begins!

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