Monday, January 16, 2012

Darling's 28th Week Update

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Little Darling's Size: Putting on layers of fat, he now weighs in around 1.5 to 2.5 pounds and measures about 13.6 to 14.8 inches.
Countdown: 83 Days to GO!  wow!

Clothing: Able to wear some non maternity dresses.. but my winter jackets are getting snugged!

What I Miss: While I was back in LA this past week.. we headed off to a club real quick to see a few people.. it was so embarrassing when the door man said... "When are you due?" My brain took me back to the movie Knocked Up... I just laughed and shook my head... REALLY?!! i had a black long jacket on with a scarf... !!  Its not like I was broadcasting!  Click HERE to see that scene from the movie!!!

Cravings: Nothing specific...I'm kinda boring right now in that department!

Exercising:  Did a couple LONG pier to pier, my legs were sore!
Symptoms: Ridiculous back pain... ugh! I can't be on my feet too long or sitting...

Total Weight Gain:Oh, my we will find out Wednesday!!  11'lbs so far!
Gender: ITS A LITTLE MAN!!!! We decided to keep his name a secret till the day of his birth!

Sleep: I can't complain..just bathroom trips!

Movement:  Oh, he reminds me he is there :)

On a Positive Note:  Mr. Southbay surprised me with Lakers tickets last Friday night! OMG, 8 rows back from the players!!! It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! We felt like kids :)  Oh, we didn't want the night to end! Kobe, taking a shot!


A Message To Our Darling- Well, you were officially at your first Lakers game!! I could tell you heard all the loud noises...cause you were moving!!!!  We got you the most adorable Laker booties and bibs!!!  Your Daddy and I already decided that one of your first photo shoots will be in Laker gear!!!!!!   

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