Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Highchair Galore!

Where do I begin? Why must there be so many choices in highchairs? I have come across a couple that I have been drawn  to..but looking at the true functionality of it... well, I have no clue! 

1. Slender, not bulky
2. Easy to clean, less fabric the better
3. Simple fold and easy to transport


Pros: Sleek, wheels, easy to clean, simple design, removable tray and can bring to meet table top.
Con: Few reviews posted since it just came on the market, not easy to fold transport & too plasticy (per reviewers) 

Pros: Easy to fold/transport, easy to clean (even the white), tons of reviews!
Cons: you can't push the tray up close to your baby is a real disadvantage, hence tons of food fall

The pros and cons listed, were the comments I read over and over again in the reviews....

I have come across tons of highchairs that look great but then I glance at the price tag! I'd like to find a chair under $150 if possible... Or should I invest more?

Do you recommend anything or currently use either of these chairs..suggestions welcomed! I am new at this!

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  1. Don't invest more than $150. I just had a regular high chair because he seemed to go quickly right to the chair that sits on top of another chair. What I definitely would get is one of the chairs that clip onto restaurant tables, etc. Nothing is more gross that the restaurant high chairs and if you're anything like us...we had a hard time giving up eating out, so it was easy to just grab the portable, throw over your shoulder and go!