Friday, January 27, 2012

End of Week Ramblings..

Where do I begin? Going through the transitioning period...

Sunday- My car was delivered!! It is soo weird to be driving my car around back here on the East Coast! I think she (my car) is still going through a mild shock from this COLD weather! :) She is the one on the bottom..Mr. Southbay is there to greet her! Soo dirty!!!!! 

Our crib bedding arrived!!  Here is a little picture of everything! Thank you Land of Nod!

We bought a crib!! Wow, that was stressful! :) Just too many choices..and to stay within budget! We went with "chocolate mist," which is a darker stain... It is a convertible crib! So, he better like it! :) It is by Westwood Design.  Also- since we are picking up the crib ourselves we received an additional 5% off each if you are able to go this route just ask if you get a discount. Never hurts to ask!

Crib mattress... OMG, I had no idea where to start! I read some reviews..and what to look for etc.. Again, we also had to stay within budget. The mattresses ranged from 89-300..from what I was looking at. We ended up getting a Colgate dual side coil mattress. Firmer for infant and then a bit softer when transitioning to toddler bed. I just couldn't justifying spending money on another mattress once he grows out of the crib. Glad those decisions are made and we received 5% off the crib mattress too!

Our Little Darling is doing a lot of moving fact he makes my stomach look really funny at times! Sooo happy my belly button hasn't popped! (Knock on wood)

We started our birthing class on Wednesday! Oh gosh, you should have seen Mr. Southbay's face during some of the videos! It was hilarious! Some of it was scary...I will admit it had my heart racing a bit! I want to say most of those Ladies did not receive an epidural.. I'm excited for next weeks class. Plus, we are getting to meet more people in the area.

Oh, I hate the transitioning period.. New town, new Doctors, new grocery stores, new weather, new people, new roads to learn! 

We move into our townhouse tomorrow! The movers arrive at 8am! 


  1. so exciting!!! congrats! also, kind of in love with your "little man." :)

  2. Wow, sounds like even though this is a period of transition you have gotten a lot of things accomplished! That has to feel so good!

  3. My goodness girlie, you have so much going on right now! How do you manage to stay sane? :) I'm happy for you though!!

    Your nursery bedding looks so cute! Love Land of Nod! Can't wait to see the nursery all finished! :)