Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Growing & Changing

For the past couple of weeks I have been up at my parents house...playing house sitter while my Mother who is a travel agent.. escorts a group on a 12 night cruise! So naturally my Father went with! So..I have been holding down the fort with a baby and two pups! Yes, going a bit stir crazy considering how COLD the weather has been! 

The other day we went to visit a girlfriend of mine and her 13 month old girl. It was such a fun two hours!! First off..I was able to hang out with a girlfriend and have adult conversation!!! You really miss that..especially being a stay at home Mom... Plus, I don't have many gf's in the area that have when I heard she was in town I was ooober excited!  Second, Andrew was able to interact with another lil lady! They played so nicely together. It seriously couldn't have gone any better. In fact I think he has found his first love. Take a look at the pictures below!

Oh make me melt! Seriously!!

Valentines Day came and went so fast it does every year! My lil guy just loved his balloons! I created valentines through Shutterfly and added one of his cute Vday pictures. Everyone loved them.

One week ago from today, Andrew started to crawl! Like, full out crawl...and he is into everything. So, we headed over to Lowes to snatch up a gate and padding for the furniture corners. I'm sure we will have to do more but this helped a lot! Where did my lil baby go? 

Yesterday morning we had a gorgeous snow fall. Big crisp flakes! It may be our last snow for the year (fingers crossed) so I figure we should take advantage..

He absolutely LOVED it. The faster we went..the bigger the smile!! I took some video and will try to upload it later to share! When I first purchased his snow suit, it wore was really big. Now it fits him perfectly. Its amazing what 3 months does!

Ever since he has turned 10 months, a lot has been changing. Besides crawling he lets me know when he isn't happy. Yes, I believe he is already testing me. I didn't realize it started this early? :) 

When did this happen for you?


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  1. He's so precious and getting so big so fast! How nice you were able to have a play date and adult conversation! haha That's great!