Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Drew's 10 month Update!

                                                             10 Month Picture is Coming!

*saying Dadadadadadda!

*4 upper teeth of came in...ohh that wasn't fun. We have you wearing your amber necklace and it seriously works! Night time is a different story!

*You are still doing great at going "poo poo" in the toilet :)

*Add veggie soup, beef, chicken, peas, yogurt, broccoli, chicken pot pie!

*Three bottles a day..8 ounces  along with water. 

*In a crawl position..and ready to take off but doesn't! Standing at the couch...loves to hold onto one of our hands and stands.. good balance!

*Your demeanor is so fun..chill..and I love just being with you.

*We have been battling yeast infections but I think we got them under control now.

*You do a karate chop motion with your hand..too funny!

*When you are having a bottle..you play with your hair... 

*You still LOVE to play in the tub with your toys!

*We got you the cutest sun shades....can't wait to really put them to use this summer!

*Started sign language.. doing..   "More, No More, Mommy, Milk, Daddy"

*I lean my forehead to you...and you lean right in. Head to head..ugh makes me melt.

*Size 9 clothing. Some clothes 6-12 mo..like from the Gap.. 

*You do so well when we are out to dinner..or lunch. So well behaved.

*Clapping your hands together. It took you 5 seconds to learn it after I showed you one time. 

*Standing now to play with different table toys. Sometimes you fall over.. and we say "Uh ohh spaghetti O's!

*Trying out different type of sippie cups. You are starting to pick it up with two hands..and you know you are suppose to drink out of it. Its just getting everything coordinated!

*Valentines day pictures were taken.. You were sooo into everything in the room. Checking it out. So serious. I couldn't believe it! I had to jump around and shake my hair to get you to smile. It didn't help you didn't really nap..

*Sleeping is getting a bit better.. you are going longer stretches now. 

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  1. 10 months already? I can't believe it! He is growing so much. What a cutie! Oh, and he's already going in the potty? Did I miss something? :) That's awesome!