Monday, February 4, 2013

Potty What?

For the past month.. we have been putting our Lil guy on the toilet.. Two times a day..We had be struggling with yeast infections BIG time. So when a friend suggested it... and after I made that "WHAT?" face... I said..okay, lets give it a go. 

I picked up a smaller seat over at Target... and at the beginning..I just had him sit on it. Sometimes I would give him a toy to hold. This was an excellent way to let him "air" out.. Yeast loves moist areas.

Do not take these photos

Then after one week.. I would start looking out for signs that he was ready to number two! We would run up to the toilet..sometimes in plenty of time..sometimes not..but id still have him sit on the toilet.. and I would say..  "Is it poo poo time?"  Smiling...and just having a good time over all. 

Then about two weeks ago..something started to click. Soon as his cute little toosher sat on that seat he would actually go to the bathroom. Seriously. Not lying. Yes, I was in shock. We had to call Daddy...Gigi...the whole world. We celebrated..clapped our hands and said, "Yay, poo poo!"

Im not saying he is 100% potty trained..we are a long road from that. But what I am saying is...he understands what to do when he is sitting on the toilet. Also- this is great "air" time for his toosher. We only had two dirty diapers in the past two weeks. Also, there have been no signs of yeast infections since implementing this to our daily routine.

Do not take these photos

Who knows if this will help in the long run with potty training.. As I have read..the statistics are low. BUT it does help from getting red/soreness, yeast infections. Which has saved us money...and seeing our poor lil guy in such discomfort :(  

My girlfriend did a post on her lil guy and potty training...with her details.  I couldn't do all of this if I worked...cause it does take timing..and planning.No idea if daycare would go for this? Oh and you must be comfortable singing about poo poo. 


  1. Oh man. This makes me feel like I am behind! That's awesome that he gets it. I had read that it is better to start them early before they really understand much about it. Off to get a potty seat...

  2. How funny that he understands! So cute. :-)

  3. Oh my goodness! How wonderful! That is too funny and a blessing all at the same time! :)