Friday, December 16, 2011

End of Week Ramblings..

I created two different types of holiday cards this year! Every year, we typically have our picture taken professionally..but this year with zero time I figured we would just use one of the pictures taken from our Gender Reveal Party! 

The second one came about because I won 25 free Shutterfly Cards! Saved me over $45!!!  They turned out cute and the quality was really nice too! I can't believe I even remembered to get Christmas cards out this year with how crazy our lives have been lately.. Though, I will admit not everyone that I normally send a card to is getting one this year... But, I did the best I could! 

Sorry, took a pic off the computer screen! I sent them out as soon as I got my paws on them and totally forgot to take a picture! So unlike me :)

Regardless of anything, its the thought that counts right?! 

We had a follow up OB appointment today! It was so nice to hear the heart beat! He is getting big! I weighed in at 134.8lbs today. So far I have gained approx 12 pounds. Not too shabby I must say! I have been fighting a cold for the past week. This coughing is for the birds... Specifically in the afternoon to bed time! So, the Doctor put me on some meds..all of which I'm hesitant to take but after 7 days...I feel like I have no choice.. been drinking a TON of fluids...especially hot water with lemon!  

Tomorrow some of my friends are throwing Mr. Southbay and I a baby shower/going away party. It will be nice to see everyone one last time! We want to be closer to family but at the same time we LOVE living in the Southbay of Los Angeles!  It is definitely a bittersweet moment for us... 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Love the cards! They turned out great! I'm happy for your big move, that is wonderful news! Try not to stress too much and let others help you as needed.

  2. Super cute card! I love the idea of using one from the gender reveal party!