Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stretch What?

Lately, my belly has been itching like crazy! It comes and goes! All the nurses at work told me NOT to scratch because it will promote stretch marks.. I had no idea :(   But, I'm glad I got the info early on...

I headed over to Whole Foods and found this...

I put it on two times a day... with fingers crossed!  My Doctor also mentioned to rub sesame seed oil on my belly as well. So, I guess I will be trying it all! I have nothing to lose right?!

Over the weekend I received my milestone belly bump stickers! They are so cute!! Anxious to throw one on and snap away :)  Thank You SnappitySnap!


  1. I hope that stuff makes the itchy belly stop! I did everything I could and I still got stretch marks, hopefully you don't get any!

  2. This is what i hear...so i will do what i can! and hope for the best :)