Sunday, October 23, 2011

Darling's 16th Week Update

Bump Pic!
(Yep, I'm ready for bed)

My BUMP stickers!!!

Little Darling's Size: An avocado, approx 4.6 inches long!!  Little Darling is now able to hear me :)  Probably my heartbeat to start!

Countdown: 168 Days to go!  Due Easter :)

Clothing: ugh, I'm having a hard time spending money on maternity clothing..or just buying clothing period! I saw some nice things over at Gap Maternity...have yet to order anything...

What I Miss: Going out on the weekends to Hollywood, Clubs..etc!  :) That was such an outlet for my stress! Dancing with friends...getting all dolled up! We don't go out often but I suppose with Halloween coming up, I'm getting bummed! Every year we head down to San Diego for a night of fun! This year we will be at home! I need to come up with a fun we are not sitting on the couch :)

Cravings: Nothing specific... just trying super hard to eat healthy..I need to eat a bit more veggies and less carbs! Been doing great with protein...

Exercising: Last week my goal was 3x's at the gym..made it 2 and today we did a 10 mile bike ride up the coast! The fresh air did me good! I had a lot going on last week and was exhausted by the time I was home...

Symptoms: Emotional/Irritated! I feel bad for Mr. Southbay!  Had a little break out on my tummy...My OB said it happens but typically later in the third trimester.. but it appears to be clearing up. So glad! My face is going through another "Break Out" moment..ugh!

Total Weight Gain: I gained 4lbs in 4 weeks! This has been tough to swallow..but I know its for the best!! I really don't have any control in the matter now do I ...   :)

Gender: The gender poll is pretty neck and neck ..I had a dream the other night that I had a girl! crazy right?!! Considering the whole time I felt I was having a boy! Now, I'm super curious! We find out in 4 weeks and 2 days!!!!

Sleep: Still having crazy dreams...I won't even begin to explain the one I had last night!

Movement: Again-occasional flutters..not consistent.

On a Positive Note: Still feeling good besides my emotional roller coaster! It has been a bit stressful trying to figure out what our future holds! Mr. Southbay is working hard to find a job back east near family..or at least down in the Southbay of Los Angeles so we are living together 24/7. He is currently working on a project that is 2hrs north of where we reside...he is gone Monday-Thursday.  So, I know that has been really bothering me..and I'm trying super hard to keep faith that everything will work out.

A Message To Our Darling: I heard your heartbeat on Friday! The Doctor said..approx 150-160 bpm.  Anywho, had tons of tests done, praying you are a healthy little baby! Since, you are starting to hear me...I promise to play less rap and more relaxing tunes! :) That was a strict order from you Gigi!  (My mom)

***I posted a poll! Located TOP left!!  What will the gender be? 
Please vote!!!! ***

Mr. Southbay whipped out the other camera...and got a little fancy..
I LOVE this shot!


  1. You have the cutest baby bump!

    I had 2 dreams that I was having a girl. I've read that a lot of times when a mom dreams about their child's gender that they're correct. I was not lol

    I gained 8 lbs in a month at one point during my pregnancy. A lot of it was water weight and my feet were super puffy, but still :P

  2. You're so cuute preggers! Loving your bump!

    I'm sorry you're feeling down about your hubby being away for work! Pray about it.. I know things will work out for the best soon!

    p.s. I still say BOY!