Friday, October 21, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Party !

We threw a little party tonight with friends and neighbors! It was seriously a ton of fun! I didn't realize how creative my friends are till I saw their pumpkins!

Elmo :)

umm..WoW!  free hand too! 

I was so amazed! It was so nice to get everyone together and just relax...and carve! 

Here are my busy workers!

I had mini quiche, crab cakes, hummus, cupcakes and brownies...ohh it was all yummy!! My friend made this type of apple cider, mixed with orange juice, brown sugar, cloves and orange slices.. I'm probably forgetting other ingredients! Then, for the non-preggo Ladies we added a little rum! It was delicious and it made our house smell amazing!

I even made some was seriously relaxing!

Now, I'm exhausted! :)

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