Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Whole Lotta Fun!

It was an absolute blast today!  Check out some of the pictures too see what type of mess I got myself into :)  Here is a pre-mud you can see we are pink and clean :) Many people dressed up in costumes and themes..we just went the pink route!

And we are off....

Just an FYI...I pretty much smiled the entire time! 

Mr. Southbay caught up with us just about 2.5 miles into the race..and got some great shots! 

Then..towards the end they threw in tons of obstacles for us to tackle!
Up the muddy hill...

Then down the muddy hill...trying not to slide..trip or fall down the hill. 

Then in between each hill..were nice little pools of mud...each step you took, your feet would sink deep into the the faster you were able to lift your legs..the better off you were..

One of the very last obstacles to endure...needless to say my knees are stinging as I type this post!

THE END!!! Not the best picture..but I'll take it!

Our knees were bleeding..mud was hanging out in places no mud should ever go...yet we were soo happy that we accomplished our MudRun!! Tons of money was raised for several Orange County Boy & Girl Clubs!  There were over 600 people there today...

Mr. Southbay was so awesome to take all those pictures today!!! I was kind and didn't get him dirty but I was soo tempted to give him one big hug!

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