Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Party!

This past weekend a couple neighbors came by for some good ole pumpkin carving! So, of course I couldn't just have a plain table and carving tools...Let me share :)

I picked up this Halloween vinyl table cloth over at Big Lots for 3.99! Our table opens up to a nice size..moved the furniture around and created the perfect spot for carving! 

A while back I snatched up these adorable napkins over at Pier One..
Too cute to pass up!

Oh and here is the yummy part!

Mr. Southbay and our neighbor enjoying the cake pops!!

The cake pops were such a task... seriously!!!! So I only did one batch of green and used the rest of the orange frosting to for rest of the pops left over. They were however delicious and everyone LOVED them!

Now,  onto carving!!! I snatched up this adorable "Tricked Out" kitty cat stencil and bling!!

It was super easy and adorable... It is my favorite pumpkin I ever created :) 
I got this over at Pier One too!

Here we are with our masterpieces and several bottles of wine later... :)

All lit up!!  It was a great evening with friends!!

There is just something about getting together with friends and carving pumpkins... makes me feel like such a kid again!!  This Saturday we are headed to San Deigo for a night of Halloween fun!!! Ohh I am super excited!!


  1. oh man, that is so cool! looks like it was a lot of fun :]

  2. How fun!!!!! Love your blog!!!