Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 5 Review...

1. Kingston- after spending a ton of money on training & supplies...In the end, it was the citronella spray collar's magic that kept Little Man hush hush as we leave the house. He was just out of control with barking and shaking as I left the house each morning! It broke my heart..and these past two weeks have been incredibly stressful. So, I'd like to to personally thank the creator of the spray collar... THANK YOU!!!  

2. Last weekend back in PA was a ton of fun...made me realize how much I miss and friends. It was such an emotionally rollercoaster...Our friends wedding was a lot of fun!  We saw tons of friends..I love how weddings bring so many people together!! Then on Sunday we headed back to LA...I absolutely hate saying good bye to my Mother.... 

3. Next weekend I will be participating in a mud run... not sure what I was thinking as the date approaches but it will definitely be another accomplishment to add to the books! I purchased pink tank tops for us to pink we are! I just have to decide which pair of sneakers to ruin!!  :)  Oh, I can't wait to share pictures!!! 

4. I took pictures of my neighbors little boy..Remember my neighbor? (baby shower)  Its crazy how fast time flies!! It feels like yesterday I was taking some pics of him about two weeks old! At first we wanted to capture him in his Halloween costume but he wasn't happy...the lighting wasn't good..and well we decided to just go with the flow... I definitely captured some good shots! Next, I need to learn photoshop!!! 

5. Today after work I headed straight to the nail salon.. I'm usually there every other week..but its been like 3 weeks.. so I was in a crazy mood....and went with "Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow." Click the link and check it out.. I liked it at I'm having 2nd thoughts! Oh well, its just polish! Maybe it will grow on me...

There ya go...had to vent!!! I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!

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