Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ups & Downs!

I am such a horrible blogger.... but to be honest..It's hard to blog with a baby! Plus, I'm always on the go or traveling back and forth from MD to PA.. I always have such good intention of doing a post on this...that...oh and this would be good to document.. but in the end. POOF...nothing. I sometimes find myself starting a post but never finishing it. I am very good at that.  

Something else has also been keeping me from blogging.. Which is my health. Ever since I gave birth almost a year ago I haven't been given any breaks. I'm constantly dealing with something. First it was my thyroid..(which is all taken care of), then my TMJ..and recently diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis. Which is something that I will have for the rest of my life. It has changed my life in such a huge way. No, it is not cancer. I keep telling myself. 

Since being diagnosed and have completed some treatments etc.. It has really made me think about what kind of Mom I will be able to be with Andrew.  How is this going to effect my relationship with my Husband. How do I handle vacations...Going out with the girls...  ?
I know I will get thru this..and figure it all out. But in the mean time..I'm trying to allow myself to grieve over this. Because it is sad..it isn't fun and this is how I am feeling.

So, I have been trying so hard to focus on Andrew and all the upcoming FUN events!! Easter, Andrew's birthday party and his 1 year pictures...and that the sun is starting to shine outside.

Turning 1 already!!! So, yes The Very Hungry Caterpillar is the theme of Andrew's 1st birthday!! I have made just a few decorations for his birthday..Trying to keep it simple! I found his invitations over on Etsy of course! It's so easy...click type click done. I had them printed at Walmart and they turned out super good ...got free envelopes too..I also did a ton of email invites. No idea if that is classy for a 1 year old. Don't really care :)

This post was much needed...therapuetic to say the least! It does feel good to get it all out there..no matter what you are dealing with! Big..Small.. So I thank you for listening.. I came across this picture..and it was just perfect for today!

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  1. awe Nikki- I'm sorry to hear! You are in our prayers and we LOVE u!!