Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Drew's 11th Month Update!

*Furniture surfing!

*Doing great with potty. You haven't had any yeast infections..woooohoo!!

*Crawling started 1 day after you turned 10 months!

*Walking with your walkers/push toys all by yourself! This started on  February 26th at Popi and Gigi's house. Popi was helping you and bam! off to you went.

*Add spinach, homemade chicken rice soup, asparagus, zucchini, steak, brussel sprouts, spinach, cucumber and puffs. Mandarin oranges..really increased textures of your food! Cutting down on puree. The speech therapist was very happy with how you are eating:)

*More teeth!!! UGH One day you had us all up at 4am..You were wide awake too :) I believe you have 6 so far.

*Grabbing the your water cup correctly and taking it to your mouth but not holding it high enough for gravity to help!

*Some evenings you play all by yourself with your toys. I can actually get some stuff done.

*Wearing size 9 and some 12 month clothing already!

*Been planning your first birthday!!! Invitations have been mailed :)

*You LOVE to hold our hands and walk around the house.

*Had a couple of play dates and you have behaved so goooood!

*Playing like a boy! You are into everything...seriously!

* Sleep- It could be better but its not bad! We had to lower your crib and wow..you look like such a big boy.

  *Still giving everything and everyone kisses!

*We play peekaboo... and you can clap your hands..just starting to give high 5s! 

*You have your first black eye...well its below your eyebrow..I can't believe it. My phone fell on you :( 

*I think I am loving this age the most.. the interaction with you is just simply amazing.. you are so affectionate. Lately, we have spent tons of time in your room reading books..playing and just sitting in the big brown leather chair...Its so therapeutic!  haha..

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