Friday, August 30, 2013

Teepee & Lamb The Man

We had some family photos taken last weekend. Its been a while that we had all of us behind the camera! It is a bit more challenging with Andrew :) He doesn't want to sit down...nor take any advice I may give... :) what he wants to do is run around and explore! I was a bit worried..we didn't a single family shot but when the photographer sent over a few to check out...I was completely surprised!

We LOVE our teepee tent! You can snatch one up over at Be Little You and Me. It is an indoor and outdoor fabric. We currently keep it in his play area.

Lamb The Man is pretty important in our he had to be a part of our day!

Yeah, we all wore Sperrys!

Its been about two years since we had our picture taken! It kinda felt strange :) So glad she snapped a few!