Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Busy Busy!

It has been one busy summer... not exactly sure where time has gone?! 
A lot of miles has been clocked! 

We celebrated my BIL's 40th birthday this past weekend. It was nice to have other family members chasing after my LO! :) He is non-stop.... let me repeat.. non-stop! Before we left, we all got together for some family pictures. It was a Penn State themed party....hence our attire! I wish they would have included our feet! :)

Then, my SIL captured these two pictures.. melt my heart! My little Love!


I chopped off my hair again :-( I lost soo much hair after giving birth..and then having thyroid problems that I really had no choice but to cut it short..and allow the new re-growth have some time to catch up. I can't wait till my hair feels normal again! In the mean time..the short hair is cute but difficult when you just want to pull it back!

Andrew is starting to really test us... So, now Mr. Southbay and I must get together and figure out how to "tackle" this sticky situation.  Ugh the joys of parenting...  We are heading to the beach this weekend. I can't wait to spend more time on the beach with our Andrew! He is now walking independently and refuses to hold your hand :-(  So, this will be a different beach experience! A ton more memories to be made!   

Last weekend I also did a one day bus trip with my Mother to the US Open in NY. It was a day away from Andrew. I missed him terribly...praying Daddy followed his scheduled. We had beautiful weather...and just relaxed watching some matches and some pros warming up. It kinda made me miss tennis.... I had to buy one of those huge over-sized tennis balls for Andrew.... just had to! Pics to come!

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