Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Sweet Treats!

A few weeks ago, I had some family over to show them our new home and to hold a Halloween Themed party! Any excuse... any excuse!  I wanted to share some pictures of the all the deliciousness!

My super talented friend made me a delicious white cake. So simple.. So delicious. I throw on some bats and placed on a cute cake stand!

Family brought the pie, and my SIL was super creative and made ghost cookies and the rice krispie pumpkins!

These were super delicious! Pretzel chocolate candy corn... umm yum!

Gem "Boo" placed on the plate...they were actually meant for a pumpkin! Instead it went here! Which in retrospect, should have went with the ghosts :)

I found all the fun decor over at Home Goods! 
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