Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Its February?!

I can't believe FEBRUARY is here. Remember these V-day Minis!!!  My lil Darling will be 2 years old in April! Which makes me feel soo excited and sad at the same time!  So here is some randomness of our past couple of weeks!

Our last weekend in California, Maryland was full of packing and last minute bowling fun with our neighbors Who, we were truly blessed to have around us. It was Andrew's first time too and wow it was adorable!

Our neighbors! Our kids got a long so well and were very cute together! Its funny cause we are both originally from PA (Harrisburg) and PSU grads. I will definitely miss their faces and someone for Andrew to play with!!!

One weekend back up in PA, we went to Chocolate World, as we all know is our fav place ever. We went early on a Sunday so it was very empty. It was perfect to snatch a picture of our lil guy on a Hershey bar! I think he is starting to love that place just as much as his parents :)

Then comes moving weekend! This was taken after closing and the keys were handed over :)  We headed over to our "home" to unpack a bit before the movers came. Yes, his face says it all. He really likes his new home. Thank the Lord :)

Definite whirlwind!!!  If this weather warms up just a little I will post some pictures up of our house! Id love to have a picture taken of us standing out front..like everyone else seems to do! But this SNOW and ICE is not giving up! Definitely missing the sunny CALIFORNIA weather for sure!

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