Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hot Air Balloon!

I finally did it! I think considering the amount of time I had..and all my driving back n forth from MD & PA.. it turned out pretty good. I'm sure many of you saw this idea on over Pinterest. It wasn't as easy as I thought.

Andrew's hot air balloon! 
I just started to put green tissue on the 42" beach ball...which I could only find off Amazon.

Close up! My Father got dowels over at Lowes and we used green string to bring them together. We didn't know how long the dowels should be...If we had time, I would have stained and cut down a few inches off the dowels. We used plastic ties to attach the dowels to the basket. Pretty good thinking Dad!

The finished product!

I originally made a ribbon banner for Andrew's birthday party cake smash and attached it to his highchair. (party pictures to come) I really was hoping to use it again. I thought the basket was perfect. I used velcro to simply attach to the basket. 

Things to keep in mind. If you are using this during fluctuating temperatures..keep in mind the ball will deflate when taken in the colder temp. As we found out during pictures!!! It didn't even occur to me....Also=Our photographer said she may photoshop out the dowels around the ball... I hope she does! I also wish I had ribbon to put around the base of the ball..to hide the string..

Andrew looked super adorable standing in the basket..Oh I hope we get the pictures back soon! :)

I also did up a chalkboard with facts all about Andrew. I can spot one letter done incorrectly! I changed it just before pictures! I'm not very artistic..unfortunately but I think this came out okay. Andrew was sitting in a "hippo" Honest Brand diaper aside of it... Yes, we have a little guy..as you check out his stats! Though, he has a ton of teeth!

Soon as I get all his party pictures together I will do a post on his 
Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st birthday party!!


  1. oh my! 7 teeth!
    can't wait to see photos!

  2. Can't believe he's already 1! So crazy! I'm looking forward to seeing all the details from his party! I'm sure you did an awesome job! :)

  3. That is so cute!! Can't wait to see more pics!