Monday, January 3, 2011

Birthday Party-Tiffany's Theme

Here is a quick peak at the beautiful dessert table that was created for my 30th birthday party yesterday! It was stunning!!

Photos by The Couture Cakery

Oh I felt like a kid in a candy store!! Kept peaking around the corner to watch Jasmine from The Couture Cakery create the table! It was such a fun day! I will be posting more pictures soon!!!

Having a wonderful time with family & friends...and of course with KINGSTON!!!


  1. Ohh how nice! Love the pretty bluuue! :)

  2. So eye pleasing Tiffany's Theme was for this birthday party. It seems like a Disney movie scene. Thanks a bunch for the details and the inspirations. My son is turning 6 years old soon and we are throwing the custom Xmas themed bash at one of the LA venues. He will have an exciting weekend bash with his friends and cousins.