Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Little Old School

So, its been a really long time since I have blogged! My kid is officially 4..back in April!
I've had this idea in my head for a fun photo shoot for probably 2 years now.... 
A huge thank you to Brooke over at Brooke Reid Photography!

Yes, that is a legit boombox! A few of my cassettes too!

We went to Baltimore..Graffiti Alley. It was amazing!

Thank you to the Adidas Outlet for hooking us up with the perfect outfit! He is also wearing his Daddy's gold chain!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Halloween Sweet Treats!

A few weeks ago, I had some family over to show them our new home and to hold a Halloween Themed party! Any excuse... any excuse!  I wanted to share some pictures of the all the deliciousness!

My super talented friend made me a delicious white cake. So simple.. So delicious. I throw on some bats and placed on a cute cake stand!

Family brought the pie, and my SIL was super creative and made ghost cookies and the rice krispie pumpkins!

These were super delicious! Pretzel chocolate candy corn... umm yum!

Gem "Boo" placed on the plate...they were actually meant for a pumpkin! Instead it went here! Which in retrospect, should have went with the ghosts :)

I found all the fun decor over at Home Goods! 
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Living Room Reveal!

We are super happy with how our house is coming a long. It has taken tons of hours...months..but we are finally seeing the results!

Here again is a before of the living room.

We moved in...  

Then started right to work!
The previous owners did a poor job of painting..drips..and we had a ton of patch work to do along with sanding. So, do it right the first time...saves time in the long run! We used Sherwin Williams paint and it was our first time... After working with them for several months now I am officially hooked... I was really disappointed with Home Depots brands..and their "knowledge".

We removed the mantle...and painted it a semi gloss white. My Husband built the top part of the mantle from scratch. We really didn't have too my direction or suggestion on this. We pretty much winged it... as we look back now, we wish we would have done some designs differently..but over all, it looks really good and we are really happy with how the top mantle turned out!

Okay, are you ready?!!!!!

We choose family prints from our days in California to our present day here in Maryland. We love looking at them everyday! I also located a photographer who took amazing shots of LA and decided to use two of them to help balance the tall tv/fireplace unit. I must admit...I look at them everyday and think about our time there...and all of our adventures! 

**Since this photo has been taken, those two prints have been professionally framed with dark purple matting, which had made those photos just pop!**

Paints: Sherwin Williams, Essential Grey & Mink
Curtains: West Elm
Throw: West Elm
Frames: Michaels, Hobby Lobby
Floor Light: Target
End Table: Wayfair
End Table Light: Home Goods
Pillows: Home Goods and Coaster Furniture
Ottoman: Target
Curtain Hardware: Bed Bath and Beyond

Here is a peak of a bit more!
We purchased a new table and chairs...along with an island that can be moved around when needed. Its nice to have a bit more storage for pots!

The dining area paint color is Sherwin Williams Grayish, which is one step lighter from Essential Gray.
Island: Bed Bath and Beyond (go to store to order to get discount!)
Fabric End Chairs: Target, not sure they carry them anymore
Light: LampsPlus (I do not recommend this store)
Table: Offline, can't locate at this time.
Blinds: Blinds.com

Did I inspire you to get moving on your renovations? I hope so!! xoxo

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Whats New?

It has been a while so I figure Id do a mini update!

Our house is still coming along. It's been difficult with trying to tackle everything with long work ours and a toddler... no family nearby to help. But, we are making progress! Here is a picture of our mantle. My husband is super talented. Next, is to hang the tv in the top! 

The before picture, which is from online :)  You can see it was a brown mantle..We painted it white and then we created a separate piece up top.

The wall paint color is Mink by Sherwin Williams.
Once, everything is hung up..I will post more pictures!!

 I went back to work 2 days a week! Wow, what a transition..  it was about 2.5 years since I worked and I won't lie..I almost quit! So glad I didn't. I am an OTA and I've met some very nice people...great therapists and my patients are just the best. Well, most days they are :) I work in an Alzheimer based facility. Some days are fun..others are sad..but I always leave with the feeling that I hope I gave them purpose today. 2 days a week has been great...allowing me time with my little man...and getting back to work has helped me regain who I am... who I used to be... I'm not just a Mom! Plus, bringing in some money doesn't every hurt!

A few weeks ago I entered to win a Joovy race-car and a gift card to SwimZip...and I won!!!  I couldn't believe it..I never win!  Isn't that what we all say? :)  

Andrew starts school in two weeks!!  Its a preschool class designed for 2 year olds. Two hours a day...Two days a week. He has been in Speech Language Therapy for the past couple of months, due to delayed speaking. The boy understands what we are saying..requesting.. He is super verbal...but just not saying specific words. I think we are up to 6 words now..Which is amazing considering all he was saying was Hi and bye...The Speech Therapist is very excited for Andrew to start his school, and she tells us its the best thing for him. To be around other children his age who are speaking...allowing him to observe and learn. Physically, the kid is amazing. He kicks a soccer ball better than me.  

We went to the beach last month for a couple nights and wished we could have stayed longer!! We only had one great beach day..and this was it!

We went to Bethany Beach, DL..where I went every year as a child. So naturally I took my kid to all my favorite places! One being the Candy Kitchen!!!  This is also the beach I went with my Grandmother..who passed away this past April. Wow, it was definitely emotional walking around and remembering those specific moments...

The Husband and I are finally getting away at the end of the month. We are headed to the beach. Just the two of us. I can't wait!!! It feels like forever since we have had a a few days to ourselves. Between his crazy work schedule..me working...Andrew..house projects... Its been really busy.I miss us!

So, that's about it! I can't wait to share pictures of my Little Guys..First day of school!!!  I'm already emotional just thinking about it. I mean ..its only 2 hours a day.. but still!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Giveaway-Little Fit Hats!

Little Fit Hats Giveaway!!

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We really love these fun, one of a kind hats!!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Planes, Planes Planes!

My head was spinning with ideas for his 2nd birthday photos!  First, I really wanted to take him to see airplanes. Andrew can spot them high in the sky...any day...any time! So, we got in contact with a friend who actually manages Reigle Airport in PA.  After three rain delays, we finally found a cloudy but no rain evening to head over for some exciting shots!!

That is a picture of my Grandfather looking out of a fighter plane in WW2. That is his lifejacket hanging on the suitcase. Before my Grandmother passed last month, I shared this idea with her and she was so excited to see the pictures. I just wished I would have been able to have shown her.

Andrew was taken off guard by how loud those airplanes can be! 

It took him a little bit to start and reach for the gadgets. He would not let go of me :)

 I was ready to take off and head to the beach!

They found this small plane in one of the hangers and cleaned it off for him. It was super cute!!!

These two pictures are some of my favorites. They were also the last two photos taken that day. 
He looks so mature...

I wasn't sure how to dress him for these photos..I kept it simple, Gap Jeans and Sweater, Freshly Picked Moccasins! Note to self, next year plan to have pictures taken in the summer when the sun is out and the temps are much warmer :)